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National Harvey Wallbanger Day - 8 November 2020

There are a few theories of the origins of this classic cocktail, our favourite being it was named after a party guest called Harvey who banged his head against a wall when suffering a hangover from the drink. Well, there's no need to follow in this eponymous fellow's footsteps, but we do find there is always a time and a place for a well made Harvey Wallbanger.

Sober October 2020

Sober October in 2020 should perhaps be renamed Sober-ish October. At Shrub HQ we feel this is not the year to be overly strict on yourself; at the same time, if you've been in the "it's Friday night every night of the week" groove, it could probably do with being tempered somewhat.

National Rum Punch Day - 20 September 2020

We love Rum Punch Day. They can come in many shapes and sizes; the key is getting the balance right. A blend of 2 of our shrubs with 3 different rums hits all the right notes. Transport yourself to a Caribbean idyll.