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  1. IMBIBE LIVE - September 13th and 14th September, Olympia London

    It's become quite a legendary event over the years, a go to for the complete spectrum of the hospitality industry. Back as so many, after a fallow year, it promises to be quite the return to form. We will be with our good friends from CASK Liquid Marketing on Stand 7D100 - call by if you can.

  2. National Scotch Day - 27 July 2021

    There is so much smoke and mirrors when it comes to Scotch. Even the drink we know today is a relatively recent development, transformed as it was by the end of Prohibition and the flood of charred - and relatively cheap barrels that came onto the market as a result. The rules for Scotch are pretty strict and the marketing spin complex - should it be a single malt or is blend better? What's age got to do with anything? And yet it remains an alluring beast, rich in diversity, character and application. It's a delightful mixer with shrubs, be it a straightforward yet hugely rewarding whisky soda or a variation on a Manhattan with a distinctive Scottish twist that is a Rob Roy. In many ways, it feels a bit unsung, a buttoned up yet impeccably dressed tweed wearer that has leanings to full on fancy dress. We love a dark horse at Shrub HQ.

  3. Daiquiri Day

    Rum and shrubs are an alluring combination and nothing showcases this heavenly combo better than a daiquiri - in our humble opinion... Rum, lime and the shrub of your choice, it's a simple thing to make and should be in the repertoire of any aspiring bartender. Check our our Pineapple Daiquiri

  4. LOW2NO BEV - 9 & 10 June 2021

    If you haven't been reading about the fast moving No and Low alcohol sector be prepared to see and hear a lot more about it. It is something Nonsuch have been at the forefront of for the last couple of years, and shrubs have been at the heart of for the last 5 millennia. We will be there at The Old Truman Brewery, showing our wares, including our new miniature bottles - coming soon to an online store near you! If you're in the trade - hope to see you there.

  5. EASTER - 2-4 April 2021

    We love a long Bank Holiday, and this one we enjoy particularly keenly. It's a momentous time of year as the seasons tip from cold to warm. And back to cold, and back to warm.... Perfect time for a Hot Cross Rum - or perhaps even a Spiced version. We are offering the chance to win the ingredients, so click on this link to enter. Offer closes on the 10th April.

  6. Mother's Day - March 14 2021

    Created in 1908 by Anna Jarvis from Grafton, West Virginia in honour of her late mother, Mother's Day is one of the few imported celebrations from America that doesn't necessarily require a high degree of dazzle and sparkle. Sure, the gift industry makes a big play of it and reaps those benefits, but it's happily relatively low key compared to the likes of Hallowe'en. Love and gratitude is at it's heart, and that's always a good basis for a celebration. And let's face it, none of us are immune to the commercial reality - make sure you take advantage of our 25% Mother's Day discount running to the end of the day itself.

  7. National Margarita Day - Feb 22 2021

    We love a Margarita at Shrub HQ, and will be mixing our own versions up on the day itself. Hedgerow, Mexican Breakfast - take your pick, there's a Margarita shrub combo to tickle your fancy. Follow our Instagram page for the chance to win a bottle of Ocho Tequila and a bottle of Blood Orange & Bitter Lemon Shrub

  8. Valentine's Day - Feb 14

    We're really feeling in the mood this year and to help you get in the mood too, we are offering a discount code on everything Rose related in our shop. For 25% off our Wild Hedgerow & Rose Shrub, our 2 flavour set and our mixer bundle of Wild Hedgerow & Rose Shrub and Soda Water, simply use the discount code VALENTINES when you check out from our shop. We have plenty of delicious Rose based cocktails in our recipe pages to choose from - simply click the 'wild hedgerow & rose' tag to take yo directly to them. Discount runs until 15th Feb

  9. Pisco Sour Day - Feb 6 2021

    Both Peru and Chile lay claim to the Pisco Sour. Whoever it was, we thank them heartily. Check out our Blood Orange Pisco Sour and jump on the Nonsuch Instagram page to have the chance to win a bottle of El Gobenador Pisco with which to make it.

  10. DRY JANUARY 2021

    Always a tough month to abstain - fresh from the excesses of Christmas and New Year, plunging oneself immediately into a period of abstinence is tough in any year - let alone this one. At Shrub HQ we know a lot of people are not going to participate in this one, and that is understandable. But for those who are we salute you, and have a couple of offers to help see you through. Our non alc Bloody Mary prize runs to the end of January, so if you fancy the chance to win a bottle of Bittersweet Apple & Cardamom and a case of Turner, Hardy & Co's fabulous click here

    We have also teamed up with our good friends at Lixir Mixers, and we have a full range of syrup and mixer bundles here.

    And if you want the chance to win one of these four bundles, simply head to our Instagram page and click on to sign up.


    What better way to start your New Year's Day than with a Bloody Mary? And given that New Year's Day is the day that kicks off Dry January, we are advocating a non alcoholic version for your delectation. Blood Mary's can be a controversial thing - one person's "do" is another's "don't". Many would say a major 'don't' is leaving the alcohol out, but see what you think with our recipe. And if you click here, you can enter our competition here, to have the chance to win a bottle of our Bittersweet Apple & Cardamom Shrub, plus 12 250ml bottles of the fabulous Turner & Hardy Tomato Juice. Closes Jan 31st.

  12. National Egg Nogg Day - December 24 2020

    We're big fans of Egg Nogg at Shrub HQ. They have a slightly dusty image and conjure up scenes of Christmas jumpers round a log fire. But they're a worthy cocktail and worthy of further exploration and examination. We like the Flip variant - follow this link to try a Rum, Caramelised Pineapple & Ginger version.

  13. National Screwdriver Day - 14 December 2020

    A Screwdriver is one of the simplest of serves - so simple that one might say it struggles to justify its tag as a cocktail at all. We just love this contemporary upgrade.  


    To have the chance to win all the ingredients required, simply enter our National Screwdriver Day Give Away competition here. Closes 4th January 2021

  14. National Harvey Wallbanger Day - 8 November 2020

    There are a few theories of the origins of this classic cocktail, our favourite being it was named after a party guest called Harvey who banged his head against a wall when suffering a hangover from the drink. Well, there's no need to follow in this eponymous fellow's footsteps, but we do find there is always a time and a place for a well made Harvey Wallbanger.

  15. Sober October 2020

    Sober October in 2020 should perhaps be renamed Sober-ish October. At Shrub HQ we feel this is not the year to be overly strict on yourself; at the same time, if you've been in the "it's Friday night every night of the week" groove, it could probably do with being tempered somewhat.

  16. Brandy Week - 24 to 30 September 2020

    Brandy, an oft overlooked spirit, which we think a shame. Often stunning on its own, it is more than adept at being the heart and soul of a great cocktail. The Sidecar - need we say more?

  17. National Rum Punch Day - 20 September 2020

    We love Rum Punch Day. They can come in many shapes and sizes; the key is getting the balance right. A blend of 2 of our shrubs with 3 different rums hits all the right notes. Transport yourself to a Caribbean idyll.


    Who doesn't love a good Negroni, and here comes an opportunity for a whole week of them.

  19. National Beer Lover's Day - 7 Sept 2020

    It's every year on the same date. We love a beer and we love a beer cocktail too - especially if it has a shrub in it.

  20. national espresso martini day - 2 September 2020

    Espresso Marini's have become quite the thing. This year, we are enjoying ours alcohol free and with a citrus edge.

  21. Whiskey Sour Day - Tuesday 25 August 2020

    A good whiskey sour on the right occasion is hard to beat. We like to make ours to suit hot sunny days

  22. National Sweet Tea Day - Friday 21 August

    We never had much affinity with sweet teas until we blended them with some shrubs. Now we're totally engaged!

  23. National Rum Day - 16 August 2020

    Rum is a firm favourite at Shrub HQ, so this is one of our favourite days of the year,

  24. International Beer Day - Aug 7 2020

    We love beer of all denominations and flavours. They can make great cocktails too. International Beer Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of August. Check out our beer and shrub recipes.



  25. Global Mindful Drinking Festival 30 July - 2 August 2020

    It may not have been possible to gather together in one place, but Club Soda brought together a plethora of producers, commentators, panellists and communities for virtual tour of the Mindful Drinking Movement.

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